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Complete Communion: The Best Jazz Of 2016 With Stewart Smith

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#3: Linda Sharrock/(In) The Abyssity of the Grounds – GODS
(Golden Lab)

"Linda Sharrock is best known for her astounding vocal contributions to her late ex-husband Sonny Sharrock's free jazz masterpiece Black Woman and her very fine collaborations with Wolfgang Puschnig. GODS is her first major release following a debilitating stroke. Sharrock's vocal range may be limited, but she has found a deeply expressive new language in the growls, moans and wails she unleashes over (In) The Abyssity Of The Grounds' avant-jazz tumult. Theresa Eipeldauer is a superb vocal foil, inhabiting the higher registers Sharrock can no longer reach, while reedist Mario Rechtern, guitarist Max Bogner and drummer Didi Kern play with a divine fury, pushing Sharrock into realms that are both harrowing and ecstatic. This limited edition triple-vinyl release from Manchester's Golden Lab sold out within weeks: bring on the repress. And if Sharrock and her band are playing in your town, cancel all other plans: their Glasgow show back in February was fiercely transcendent."