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'I prefer the sun, I’m fond of the night, I’m fond of my noises and of my sounds, I admire the immense complex factory of a body, I’m fond of my glances that touch, of my ears that see, of my eyes that receive…. But I do not have to have the benediction of the written idea. I do not have to have my life derived from the intelligible. I do not want to be subject to the true word which is forever misleading or Iying, I can stand no longer to be destroyed by the Lord, that lie that abolishes itself on paper.'

Henri Chopin

© Florian Gutsche 2016

© Florian Gutsche 2016

15.03.2015 Altes Finanzamt, Berlin

Max Bogner is a musician, dancer and performance artist originating from Vienna currently living and working in Berlin. He has been playing under different monikers (Margaret Unknown, Margaret X, MARARA, Peggy Famous).

Over the past decade he founded and lead several groups like the ensemble (In) The Abyssity Of The Grounds with Mario Rechtern (DE/AT), Linda Sharrock (US) and Didi Kern (AT) amongst a constantly shifting international line-up and the two piece performance group Gueule Populaire, focusing on the combination of sound and movement with longtime collaborator Rosi Themsen Rehaug (H/AT), influencing and contributing to the Viennese improv scene as well as being an active player in Europe and Africa.

Idiomatically always moving in different terrains he is constantly shifting the center of attraction, moving against stagnancy to continually evolve and overcome the boundaries, pushing towards the unknown. His work thrives on a highly energetic persona and performance, demanding a fundamental and radical approach towards the intuitive and complete free improvisation, which though recently is more and more combined with compositional structures and elements embedded into it.

His performances have included solo and group dance elements leaning on the traditions of butoh; up to 12 hours long, durational actions, exploiting the individual perception and therefore possible expansion and contraction of time and space;  states of meditation and trance evoked through total concentration of material, it's nature either minimal and calm using mesmerizing mantra like repetitions, soothing the mind through use of silence and breath as well as absolute vibrant and bodily domination of space through extreme volumes and oppressing, overwhelming structural intensity in whos core as well lies a journey and lodge of resolution and oblivion for the mindful participant without prejudices.

Ebó (2013) C50 MC limited edition of 100

Rooms (2012) C30 MC limited edition of 100