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  • Bei Ruth 11-13 Ziegrastraße Berlin, Berlin, 12057 Germany (map)

...formed in 2007 and have since released 12” LPs on labels such as Dead Pilot, Oaken Palace and Southern Records. In 2011 they toured the UK with the Canadian doom duo Nadja and recorded a Latitudes session with their guitarist Aidan Baker, released in 2013 as 'Glass Crocodile Medicine'. In the UK they have performed at Fort Process, Supernormal and Recon Festivals, and played alongside bands such as Rangda (Sun City Girls/Six Organs of Admittance/Flower-Corsano), Master Musicians of Bukkake, Eternal Tapestry, Vibracathedral Orchestra, and Manu Delago. They are donating all sales of their latest album ‘Bugenès Melissae’ to environmental charities.
“Plurals’ music here is so expressive and formless that each new listen yields a different experience for me as a listener. […] I’ve found after much exploration that ‘Bugenès Melissae’ defies basic categorization.” – Black Metal and Brews
“It sounds like the ghost of Lou Reed – or is it Sterling? Not quite there, but recalling the Factory crawl, those speed-jangled clusters of notes... Feedback warps around as the walls close in; the universe is getting smaller.” – The Quietus
All Plurals performances and recordings are fully improvised, using guitar, synths and keys, vocals, tape machines, CB radio and various reed and stringed instruments.

Alles klingt! ist ein Projektname des Ausnahme Underground-Künstlers Reinhard Dundler,welcher explorativ,intuitiv und medial seit den Anfängen dieser Zivilisation kontinuierlich angeregt,durchsetzt vom Wahn des Genies, einer anderen Dimension auflauernd,sich auf wackeliges Terrain begibt.
Indem versucht wird den Raum in Zeit und die Zeit in wahrnehmbares Bewusstsein zu verwandeln,unter Zuhilfenahme quantentheorethischer Grundlagen wird beobachtet geworden werden.
Unter der Annahme dass Materie im allgemeinen aus Schwingung besteht (möchte man gegenwärtigen stringtheorethischen Thesen glauben schenken), wird versucht durch selbst-induzierte Schwingungen eine Art physiologischer Inteferrenzmuster zu bilden. Da die Welt in einem ziemlichen Schlammassel steckt wird hier auf allen Ebenen versucht dem Planeten seine lebendige Zukunft zu sichern und teilweise,weil leider notwendig,ein paar abtrünnigen Nachfahren spirituell die Leviten zu lesen
VoodooRei: E-Bass,electronic Devices,Voice,interdimensional translation

Max Bogner is a Viennese performance artist based in Berlin since 2014. At first solely focusing on improvised music taking form in various genres as well as non-idiomatic approaches – ranging from Onkyo to harsh noise feedback orgies, free jazz and occasional excursions into pop culture most of the time accompanied by a hyped up, maximalistic and theatrical persona – two years ago he discovered his interest in somatic experiences and since then started to combine and implement them into his performances. His work also centers on theoretical ideas and structures, such as trance and ritualism, oscillating consciousness, subjective perception and the contraction of time and space, the correlation of acoustic, electronic and sampled materials. 

He has performed solo and with different groups ranging from ensembles to orchestras in Europe and Africa. As one of the first generation curators of the mo.e art space from 2011 to 2014 he initiated several international collaborations, workshops and festivals, shaping and defining it's image in the cultural landscape and establishing it as a regular stomping ground for Viennas improvisation and performance scene.

Iku is a dude from Osaka with the huge record collections and spaghetti arms. his diverse select of records and non-elitism attitude is works most of the time for either smoked out dance floor or icy icy chilled salon.